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Our Projects

We reduce emissions harmful to the environment and communities in areas of critical infrastructure like container ships and freight rail, while requiring no retrofit.



Maritime Emissions Capture & Control System

  • CARB Approved

  • Cost Effective

  • Proven technology

  • No shore side infrastructure

  • No shipboard modifications

  • Offers flexibility to shipping industry

  • Services Auxiliary Engines and Boilers

  • Services ships at anchor


Auxiliary engines and boilers of ocean-going vessels (OGVs) are used at ports for power, lighting, cargo refrigeration, ventilation, communication, and other on‐board equipment while berthed. They are a significant source of Particulate Matter (PM), NOx and ROG emissions at ports. The Maritime Emissions Capture & Control System (MECCS) treats the auxiliary exhaust gases to remove NOX, ROG, and PM. MECCS consists of an Exhaust Capture System (ECS) and an Emission Treatment System (ETS).

The Emissions Treatment System (ETS) consists of a particulate filter system using active Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) to reduce PM, a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to reduce NOX, and Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC) for ROG gases. Testing conducted on large ocean-going vessels resulted in a reduction of over 95% of the PM, NOX, ROGs  in the exhaust gasses of the vessels.


MECCS is a barge-based system. The newest design incorporates a spud barge for additional operational flexibility and safety especially on liquid bulk vessels. The exhaust is captured using stainless steel ducting actuated by a Putzmeister placement boom mounted on top of a Putzmeister tower. The end of the connection uses high temperature flexible ducting to connect to the generator and/or auxiliary boiler. The exhaust on the vessel moves through the treatment system and re-enters the atmosphere cleaner than the ambient air.

The MECCS system does not require the installation or modification of shipboard or shore side infrastructure. There are no terminal requirements for the use of MECCS. Vessel responsibilities consist of assisting with the securing of the barge and logging electrical load on an hourly basis. All other recordkeeping is conducted by MECCS personnel who provide the shipping lines the information needed to conduct reporting.



Rails Emissions Capture & Control System


The RECCS, Rail Emissions Capture & Control System, is a semi-mobile emissions control system that has been designed to sit above a railyard. It reduces 95+% of NOx, PM, ROGS, and optionally SOx. The system can treat multiple parallel locomotives and reduces 70-80% of engine noise when attached. Estimates put a single RECCS system as capable of an average yearly reduction of 135 tons of NOx, 8.9 tons of Sox, 3.2 tons of PM per system. This system is designed for both freight and passenger trains at rest, with attachment automated to attach and begin control within minutes of train coming to rest. There are no required modifications of locomotives required.

More about us

Maritime Emissions Capture & Control System (MECCS) is a barge based/land-based system used to treat OGV auxiliary exhaust gases at the stack. The system was designed by 4G Management Technical Team in response to CARB’s At Berth Regulations.

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